Welcome to Channel 8

Open-Source Data Acquisition

Channel 8 allows the logging and display of physical data remotely over your LAN or the Internet. The browser interface allows you to configure the inputs, view the incoming data at any time and record readings to a text file. Channel 8 works with your external A/D converter to receive incoming signals and make them accessible anywhere on the network. Display and record temperatures, pressures, light levels, volts or any signals accepted by your A/D converter.

Source code written in C is included so you can customize Channel 8 to your needs. Examples of simple A/D converter code is included in the documentation. The Linux gcc compiler is all you need.

Simple to Install and Use

Channel 8 installs easily into any Linux system. Simply compile the programs and execute.

Hardware and Linux Resources

New to Linux and data acquisition? Information on A/D converters and complete Linux systems that require no installation are listed on this site.

Everything you need to get started in remote data acquisition over your LAN and the Internet.