Links and Resources

This page contains links to resources that are helpful to users of Channel 8.

Channel 8 Sourceforge Project Pages

The Channel 8 project page at Sourceforge has the latest documentation, updates and source files. A forum with user-related questions and answers is also provided.

Channel 8 Sourceforge Project Page is here.

The shttpd Sourceforge Project Page is here.

Linux Distributions

Want to get started with Linux? There are literally hundreds of Linux distributions to choose from. The most complete listing is at

Slax Linux Distro

Slax is a CD-based Linux distribution that can host Channel 8. Slax does not require any installation - your PC boots from a CD or USB thumb drive. Slax auto-detects your PCs network interface and assigns itself an IP address on your network. Slax has a wide variety of add-on modules including the gcc compiler.

The Slax homepage is here:

Slax+8 Linux CD

Slax+8 is a portable Linux distribution available on CD or USB thumb drive. Slax+8 boots your PC directly into Linux - no installation is required. Channel 8 is included and is launched on start-up. Data recorded by Channel 8 is saved in the thumb drive version for later review under Windows. Power-down your PC and you can re-boot into Windows - Slax+8 operates only in PC RAM and makes no changes to your hard drive.

Included are the gcc compiler for code development, secure FTP and Telnet servers, NFS and the complete set of Channel 8 files. A complete plug-and -play solution for networked data acquisition.

A data sheet on the USB drive is available here.

The User Manual is here.

For further information email:

Manufacturers of Serial Port A/D Converters

Many companies offer A/D converters that operate with your PCs serial port. These are generally easy to interface to Channel 8 with a few lines of C code. The manufacturers website typically have complete documentation available on the serial protocol for communicating with the A/D converter.

B&B Electronics - Website here.

P.H. Anderson - Website here.

Dataq - Website here.

DGH Data Acquisition - Website here.

Measurement Computing - Website here.

Ontrak Control Systems - Website here.