What's New

No-Hassle Linux for Channel 8

Slax+8 is a portable Linux distribution on CD preloaded with Channel 8. You boot your PC directly into Linux from the CD drive - no installation is required. Slax+8 will auto-configure and request an IP address from your LAN. Included are FTP and Telnet servers as well as the gcc compiler. Channel 8 is launched on power up - simply point a browser at the IP address of the Channel 8 PC to see the opening screen.

When the PC is powered down, you can restart back into Windows. No changes are made to the hard drive - Slax+8 runs entirely in PC RAM.

A Slax+8 USB thumb drive version is available so that data recorded by Channel 8 remains on the drive for later review in Windows and Excel. You can also develop A/D interface code and save the results.

To get further info: documatrix@linuxmail.org

Tech Note on Writing Interface Code for RS232 A/D Converters

One of the easiest ways to use Channel 8 is with a serial port A/D converter. Modifying the Channel 8 source code to communicate with these devices is usually straightforward. A complete example is given in this technical note.

Tech Note - Connecting Channel 8 to the Internet

Adding Internet connectivity to your Channel 8 data logger gives you access to the system from anywhere in the world. Remotely configure data logging and view readings by browser.

A/D Converter Code Needed

Do you have an A/D converter? If you can write in C, consider submitting interface code for the Channel 8 project. Manufacturers of external A/D devices are invited to add their products to our list of compatible Channel 8 devices.

Channel 8 Sourceforge Project Released

The Channel 8 source code is on line ready for download and installation into your Linux system.