Channel 8 - Data Logging for Linux Overview


Channel 8 is a data logging system for Linux that allows the user to record and display up to 8 analog readings from an external A/D converter. The user interface is a webserver so that Channel 8 can be used over a LAN or the Internet. Channel 8 provides user-specified scale and offset factors for each channel to convert the analog readings into engineering units. Readings can be viewed at any time via browser and updated by simply refreshing the webpage. The data can be logged to a text file at scan rates from 1/minute to 1/hour - each scan is time and date stamped. The data file can be viewed at any time from a browser connected to the network.

Channel 8 Configuration parameters include:

Channel 8 is ideal for use as a remote data logging system connected to a network. It can be used in the home or at work to record temperatures, light levels, voltages or any analog parameter accepted by your A/D converter.

Channel 8 includes Linux server C code that can be customized by the user to interface to external devices via serial or parallel ports. A server for generating random numbers is included, and server design for commonly available A/D devices is discussed.

Channel 8 Data Sheet


Channel 8 is provided under the GNU General Public License. Get the complete details here.